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Identify TWO BIG problem that we can meet when we don't use this product.Develope it a little bit with a few sentences

(recommended length 100 words)

Introduce then the product...(edit the title)

Explain what it is... Why it's so exceptionnal.. Who invented it.. Why they invented it... What problem does it solve... Who actually use it ?

(recommended words 150 words)

How does it works ?

Small introduction on how easy it is to use this product. (One line or two)

Describ the first step

Describ the second step

Describe the third step

Conclude on how easy, it is to use this product (recommanded length 100 words)

Why it's better than the other actual competitor

List all this product caracteristics with the benefits of it (listing),

Small conclusion of one line to resume the benefits.

How much does it cost

Now it's time to talk about the product price, so introduce the price in a very good manner.

Talk about the fact that the stock is limited, and there is actually a reduction that allow them to get this product half his usual price. Also a lot of people are jumping in to this offer because the product is actually buzzing.

To display price, use this: ((price))((currency)) it will automatically be replaced by the price... When you'll submit your work.

Should you buy it ?

Conclude by your opignion if they should buy it, if you think it's a good product or not, and why. (100 words)